Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to inquire about a PCR test result you are waiting on?

If you are waiting on a PCR test result, please email us at or call Marquis Labs at (405) 445-6001

What is our current PCR test turnaround time?

Our current PCR test turnaround time is 1-5 business days. Due to high testing volume, our standard 12-24 hour PCR turnaround time is no longer a result timeline we can guarantee. However we do offer a Rapid RT-PCR test that meets all international travel requirements. We cannot offer this test at no-cost, but it is the best option for individuals that are testing for travel.

I am traveling, and need a PCR test to fly. Which test should I take?

If you are traveling, we offer a 1 hour rushed RT-PCR test which can yeild results in less that one hour! This test cannot be offered at no-cost. This test is offered to scheduled appointments as well as walk in customers.

Is COVID-19 Testing Free with OKCCTC?

COVID-19 Testing can only be provided at no cost if you have been exposed, suspect you have been exposed or are experiencing any symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19. These symptoms include congestion, a cough, runny nose, fever, chills, body aches, difficulty breathing, and fatigue. Survailance testing and recreational testing is not a valid reason to recieve a free test. Customers that cannot attest to experiencing a recent exposure or any symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 will be charged a cash rate

How does testing at OKCCTC work?

Right now we are prioritizing scheduled appointments over walk in clients. Anyone that has been exposed or is currently displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19, will be given both a PCR and Rapid Antigen Test at NO-COST. This provides you with a quick result that can be used as an initial baseline to determine if you are infected with COVID-19, and a second - more accurate - result that can be used to confirm your initial results.

Do we accept walk-in patients?

Yes, we absolutely accept walk-ins! Due to high volume we want to make sure we are respecting scheduled appointments as well as our walk-in customers. In an effort to try and accommodate both, we are currently prioritizing scheduled appointments as soon as they check in, but are making a concerted effort to see walk in patients within just 5-10 minutes from the time they arrive.